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Kawasaki . In the News ...

Consolidated Motor Spares


Kawasaki selected as a constituent of MSCI Japan Empowering Women (WIN) Select Index

Delivery of First Kawasaki’s FDGS for PW1500G Regional Aircraft Jet Engine

Bulk Carrier NAVIOS FELICITY Ⅰ Delivered

Kawasaki to participate in the United Nations Global Compact

Bulk Carrier FJ VIOLA Delivered

LPG carrier PHOENIX GAIA Delivered

Kawasaki Environmental Award 2019

Bulk Carrier AMIS TREASURE Delivered

Kawasaki Develops New LNG Dual-fuel System for Medium-sized Tankers

Kawasaki Completes Mid Forward Fuselage Section for One-thousandth Boeing 787 Aircraft

Delivery of LNG Transport Vessel MARVEL PELICAN

Kawasaki at the 2019 International Robot Exhibition (iREX2019)

Kawasaki to Release Successor®-G Remotely-operated Robotic System for Grinding, Deburring and Surface Finishing - A New Solution for Processes Struggling to Automate -

World's First Liquefied Hydrogen Carrier SUISO FRONTIER Launches Building an International Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain Aimed at Carbon-free Society

ESG Data Book 2019 (Social and Governance Issue) Issued

Kawasaki Begins Verification Testing for New Hydrogen Liquefier Aimed at First Domestic Commercialization

Bulk Carrier AMIS STAR Delivered

Kawasaki Agrees to Collaborate with Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance and Mitsui & Co. to Build a Business Model for Space Debris Removal Operations

Regarding the Trent 1000 Engine

Signature of TCFD(climate-related financial information disclosure task force)

To support the revival of Bimota, an Italian luxury motorcycle manufacturer; we co-founded established a new motorcycle manufacturer. 

Submarine Toryu Launched

「Kawasaki Environmental Report 2019」 Issued

Kawasaki to be First Japanese Motorcycle Manufacturer to Include Bosch’s Advanced Rider Assistance Systems

Report of Earnings and Financial Statements for the Six Months Ended September 30, 2019 (Consolidated)

Financial Results for Second Quarter FY2019 (Link to e-Associates Inc. website)

Financial Results for the Second Quarter FY2019(Presentation Material) (PDF:1.02MB)

Flash Report for the Second Quarter of the Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2020(Consolidated Basis) (PDF:289KB)

Kawasaki to Transfer Domestic General-purpose Engine Operations

Bulk Carrier GRAMOS Delivered







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